Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yada yada

I had such a nice time last week. I lolled around knitting, cross stitching, sewing, and reading. I saw some movies and listened to the Garden State soundtrack 80 times after doing some thrift shopping. Petunia and I went to bed at 10pm on New Year's Eve and rang in the new year with lots of knitting during season 3 of The L Word. It's wild times around here! We even had mimosas to celebrate. Whoa, nelly.

Now I'm back at work with just one child today. I'll be easing in this week; the entire gang will be back from vacation on Monday. I'm grateful for this week--going from 0 kids to all 7 would probably kill me.

In baby news: We're just waiting and trying hard to be patient. We have no news about Ariana's health or her baby's health, and we've had no contact with the adoption agency since December 22. We're getting scared, but staying relatively calm. The baby is 35 weeks old now. We continue to pray for peace and strength for the baby's family, for the two of us, and most of all for the baby herself.



Blogger Abigail said...

Mmmm, a week of knitting and other quiet activities sounds wonderful. Glad you had a good time. Good to see you posting again. Best wishes slowly getting back into work.

4:55 PM  

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