Monday, May 01, 2006

Yay for May

If it's really May Day, I want my little basket of candy and flowers. Do kids even do that anymore?

May is my busiest month. It's chock full of birthdays and anniversaries, and since I'm kind of a control freak, I like to have all the cards and/or gifts in order and ready to go ASAP. These are my big dates this May:

6: Northampton Pride
10: MA Constitutional Convention
11: M.H.'s 28th birthday
13: W.'s 30th birthday
13: L&Y's wedding
14: Mother's Day
17: 2nd anniversary of our legal marriage
18: T.'s 32nd birthday
21: B&S's first wedding anniversary
22: Reuben's 9th birthday
22: my 29th birthday
23: L.'s 40th birthday
26: C.'s birthday
26: K.'s 30th birthday
28: C&F's 1st wedding anniversary
28: S&S's 6th wedding anniversary
[28: Grandpa Herbie's birthday--call Mom]
29: Jenny's 30th birthday
29: Memorial Day
30: Y's birthday
29-4: Off work for vacation
June 1: S.'s birthday

Isn't that kind of crazy? June and October are filling up, too.

In other news, Petunia and I played Responsible Homeowners over the weekend. An arborist colleague of Green Thumb's came out and trimmed up our ginormous trees, then Green Thumb and I collected the brush while Petunia worked magic with a handsaw. After 5 trips to the city dump and careful stacking of the remaining limbs, the place looks pretty spiffy! I also spent most of yesterday planting bulbs and seedlings, staking berry vines, Clara-proofing the back 40, and transferring rocks from other parts of the yard to the driveway. Today I'm hella tired; I wish I could have a couple days off after working so hard over the weekend.

But there's much to anticipate during this month, including Petunia's and my first ever week-long vacation. We're planning to go up to Vermont on Saturday and Sunday to poke around, take some tours, and visit Bennington Pottery before heading off to the Poconos and Blacksburg, VA (my friend K. is getting married on the 3rd!). Also, May is Jenny's and my Psychic Twin Birthday Celebration, which we've celebrated regularly since 1995. This year, the Celebration will consist of a fancy spa day and brunch at a cute place in the South End. Good times--I can't wait!


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Yeah, our b-day will rock! I'm excited!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Hashbrown said...

You left out the constitutional convention on May 10th.

You did hella work this weekend. I wish I could have helped more. I am very lucky to have you.
I love you.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

JPP, it'll rock because you are v. generous and have ESPN with me.

And Hashbrown--you're right. I need to add it in. Fucking ConCon! Assholes trying to take away our rights! GRRR.

3:06 PM  

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