Monday, October 15, 2007

News about baby foods

This morning Hester went to the doctor for her 9-month checkup. Dr. Gentle told Petunia that Hester can have all sorts of table foods now, including egg whites, and said we can start giving her milk along with formula at ~11 months. The most interesting thing she said was that Hester can have peanut butter at 12 months. Whaaa? I thought that peanut butter was strictly verboten until 3 years, but apparently not. I just did some online checking, and it turns out that the AAP recommends delaying peanut butter only for children with a high risk for peanut allergy. Who knew?



Anonymous Round is Funny said...

There's a lot of conflicting info out there about it. Super Baby Foods, which we love, says 12 months, but Dr. Sears says 2-3 years, and our pediatrician says "not yet." So who knows? Also, I'm not sure what "high risk for peanut allergies" means, since it doesn't tend to run in families. Anyway, at some point I figure you just jump in and give the kid a PB and J, right?

9:31 AM  

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