Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yesterday I learned that a woman I knew at school died Friday while serving in Iraq. She was an Army surgeon.

I can't stop thinking about her.


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Now I feel guilty for telling you. :(

2:51 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

No, I'm glad to know. Honestly, I just keep seeing her in my mind's eye in her running tights and glasses over at Hubbard. My heart breaks for her husband and family.

My dad actually read about her death on a northern NY website (I guess it was news because she was stationed at Ft. Drum) but didn't think to say anything to me. The article he read didn't mention Smith.

I wish I could stop time for her. Not for the rest of us; just for her. I wish she could always be at Hubbard House in her socks and road race t-shirts poring over some big-ass science textbook.

What a terrible loss.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Yeah and you know, I was thinking about it and someone that I knew barely at Smith had been to ASP too and said something to me because she saw me wearing an ASP T-shirt, and I'm feeling like it was her. I don't think I made it up, I think maybe that's part of why her picture was so familiar too.

It is sad.

5:11 PM  

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