Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Snapdragon is coming

My brother-in-law Snapdragon will be here tomorrow. He'll be staying for a whole week! I'm excited to see him but I'm nervous, too. The last time he visited the logistics were tough, but this time I think they'll be tougher, because:

1. I'll be working during his visit,
2. He's on west coast time, and
3. Hester Willa is here. She's also sickly right now.

So. I think we're going to put him in our room while we crash on an air mattress in Hester's room. That's going to suck royally for us, but I really think it'll be the best arrangement since he'll be up later and get up later than we will. Wish us luck and good sleeping vibes for Hester! Fingers crossed that she doesn't get too excited about seeing us in her room.

I confess that I'm worried about the work part, too. Our house from 8am-6pm is not a restful place...just ask Petunia when she's home sick from work. Snapdragon hopes to study during this trip while he's on break from school. The last time he tried this (a couple of years ago when my work kids were much quieter than they are now) he went back home saying he never wanted to have kids. Oi. I'm hopeful that Petunia will help him find quiet places to study, but I'm nervous that he'll be miserable while he's here. I know she plans to g on lots of little day trips with Snapdragon and Hester, so maybe all this worry is for nothing.

In anticipation of Snapdragon's visit, today I'm busy cleaning and getting things ready for his arrival. I'm not going too crazy, but some things need to be done before he comes. I've done a lot already, but I still need to dust, put away several loads of clean clothes, and tidy up our bedroom. I also need to figure out what to make for dinner tomorrow night. If Hester goes down easily tonight, all will be well. If not, I'm going to be super busy tomorrow morning. Here's hoping for a sleepy, peaceful baby and a quick and easy round of cleaning.



Blogger Abigail said...

Good luck Clementine! I know I always have a hard time having someone in my house- and I don't even have to worry about my work being so interconnected. No matter how much I love the person who comes and how excited I am that they are there, I'm always stressed out as well. It just changes things.

I hope you all have a wonderful time together. There should be plenty of places for him to go study. In my opinion, that's what coffee shops are for ;)

7:20 PM  

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