Monday, October 15, 2007


Questions from frog:

1. How have your pets adjusted to not being your only babies any longer?

Thankfully, the furbabies have adjusted beautifully. They love their little sister!

Before Hester came home from the hospital, we lined the pet beds with her baby blankets and pet the furbabies while holding her laundry. When Hester finally came home, they seemed to know her right away. Clara is very protective of her and loves to play with her, Josephine comforts her when she fusses or cries, and Reuben doesn't interact much but likes sitting on a pillow on the rocking chair in her room. Of course, all three pets are used to kids (even babies) from my business. Still, I think we've been v. lucky with them.

2. How did you find your way to adoption?

The short answer: Neither of us had any interest in being pregnant and both of us have a personal connection to adoption through foster care.

3. What's the very best thing about where you live (city, neighborhood, house, you choose!)?

I wrote a post a while back that sums it up completely for me.


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