Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heh heh--She said "Gay Head."

Okay, so it nearly killed me to let Petunia use the computer yesterday while the kids were asleep. She was home with our Reuben and needed it for work-related purposes, which definitely trumps posting on Blogger, but it was hard to hold back. That's cuz I have lots to report, the first thing being that it's doubly confirmed: I don't have a goiter. So suck it, crazy doctah.

As you might assume, on Friday I had a physical. Good news: I'm healthy, at least on the surface. My bloodwork should come back in a week or two, so I'm waiting for that. Here's some bad news, though: my mom had her own lab work done recently and it turns out she's diabetic. Please think good thoughts for her.

Friday night Petunia and I got the hell out of dodge and went to Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was gorgeous out there in the Berkshires, and it made me realize how much fun it'll be to take Hester there as s/he grows and changes over the years. Friday's concert was a Bach/Handel lineup, and it was wonderful! Js like me gotta love the Baroque composers.
We had lawn tickets at Tanglewood.

On Saturday we went out to Martha's Vineyard; it was our first time out there. Everyone's right--the Vineyard is gorgeous! It was the perfect day for a lovely time with my sweetie.

Aquinnah Cliffs with Gay Head lighthouse--yes, that's its real name.

Also on Saturday, I learned that my former housemate M. and her wife I. have a new son! I'm thrilled for them, and I can't wait to hear more about their baby boy. Congratulations, M., on the arrival of baby Roo!

And that's it so far. Reuben's doing well today after his surgery yesterday, and we have our 6th MAPP class tonight (topic: connecting with birth kin and culture). I'm down in numbers today because of a conjunctivitis outbreak, and I'm making the most of my low-key day. I'll write more soon.


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Awesome weekend! Tanglewood - Rob and I need to get there still this summer too. Possibly this weekend. Sounds like a really great time, I'm glad you had such a nice one. :)

3:50 PM  

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