Monday, August 07, 2006

Our weekend

Here's what Petunia and I were up to this weekend:

On Friday we went to Shakespeare in the Park. It's held on the Common every year, and this year's play is Taming of the Shrew. It was an awesome production, but because I'm a loser with a 9pm bedtime, I missed the second act in order to catch some shut-eye. Yes, right there on the lawn, drooling apricot turkey crepe onto my sweatshirt. Classy lady!

On Saturday morning Petunia and I asked our dear friends Trista and her husband R. to be Hester's godparents. They said yes! Our family just got a little bit bigger. I feel so blessed.

On Saturday afternoon, Petunia and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to the wilds of Northampton, MA. I went to college in Northampton, and it's still the place I feel most at home. While we were there, we did tons of shopping. It seemed like the whole town was having a sale, so we got some things for ourselves, our workplaces, and for Hester Willa:

Check out this neon yarn from Dalegarn! I've been eyeing it since it came out, wanting to make some crazy '80s-style knit garments for Hester. They had it on sale at Northampton Wool for $1/ball! And they also had my v. favorite Wendy brand Touch It Feel It Love It, which I always said I'd get for our baby, for $3/ball. Yowza!

And then to make me even happier, my favorite hippie children's store (it's a Waldorf shop) had a 70% off sale on many children's books! I got a bunch for work and a couple for Hester, plus Petunia picked out a great CD for Hester. And then I found some board books at The Raven, a used bookstore, for wicked cheap, too! Blogger won't let me upload the photo of all the books, but believe me when I tell you they're awesome.

On Sunday, we planned to get up early to paint the porch (2nd coat), but instead we slept in. We spent most of the day making cards and writing letters, which was restful and fun. We also composed and sent out emails to our friends and family, asking them for fabric squares for Hester's 100 Good Wishes quilt, which Trista will be making for her/him (it was Trista's idea; boy, aren't we lucky to have such a generous and talented friend?). And on Sunday night, we went over to our friends L&Y's house for dinner. We haven't seen much of them since their honeymoon, so it was super nice to catch up with them.

And that was it--that was our weekend. It was a really good one!


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Nice weekend! The weather was great for the play Friday, huh? Also, Rob and I often bring crepes to the play too! And when we go to free movies at the Hatch Shell same thing!

5:10 PM  
Blogger squasha said...

a little birdie told me your plans were for the beach this weekend... your noho trip sounds SO much cooler!!! i LOVE that town, i LOVE the fun places and things that you explored and bought... raven is the best store ever... wahoo!!!

12:53 AM  

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