Thursday, August 10, 2006

Army brat list

You Know You Are A Military Brat If You ...

**Knew the rank and name of the kid next door's father before meeting the kid next door.
**Went on week-long field trips to England, France, or Hungary.
**Stood up for the National Anthem at the start of a movie in a theater.
**Name schools on two continents when asked what high school you attended.
**Never quite finished decorating your place because you knew you'd be moving soon.
**Find that you can easily amuse yourself for hours at airports, train, or bus stations.
**Graduated from a high school you only attended for a year.
**Have friends who complain about your name being the most scratched out in their address books.
**Bagged groceries at the commissary on payday.
**Can ask for a beer in several European languages.
**Don't really know how to answer the question, "What is your hometown?"
**Don't remember the names of your childhood friends.
**Do not understand why many of your friends are afraid to be in an airplane.
**Have to explain that being born in Germany does not make you German.
**Ever tried to take out your ID card when you entered a civilian grocery store.
**Always wish you were back at the last place you were stationed, even 20 years later.
**Answer the question, "Where are you from?" with, "I'm kinda from all over the place."
**Are amazed at and sometimes jealous of people who have lived somewhere for more than three consecutive years.
**Look down on people who have never left their hometowns.
**Are amazed at people who have never seen foreign currency.
**Were asked, "Is it hard always moving around?" when you've never known anything different. **Could recite all of the AFRTS commercials along with the television.
**Can talk to anyone and everyone from anywhere and everywhere.
**Every room you ever had until you left home was stark white, and you couldn't put nail holes in the walls.
**Feared turning 21 because they would take your ID card away.
**Felt like you should be visiting the States rather than living in them.
**Felt like a part of history that was happening around you.
**Get frustrated when others talk about going to their hometown to see old friends, teachers, etc.
**Still get the itch to move every 3-4 years.
**Sometimes feel like an outsider in the civilian world.
**Went into culture shock upon returning to the States.
**Have USAA as your insurance company.
**Think nostalgically about your childhood when military aircraft fly by as civilians complain about the noise.
**Know exactly how horrible AFN commercials were.
**Know how great it is to be able to return to base and your little slice of America.
**Think about PCSing when you hear the words "Mayflower" or "North American."
**Know what the relative value of a pfenning, euro, won, or yen is compared to the U.S. dollar.
**Know about a variety of cultures.
**Ever met another military brat and were instantly bonded.
**Miss shopping at AAFES or the PX.
**Realized that the latest fashions in the States were not the same clothes you bought at the PX.
**Start a major portion of your conversations with "When I was in...."
**Talk to someone with an accent and pick it up yourself.
**Know what time it is when the clock says 14:36.
**Tell everyone you are from a town that you haven't lived in since you were 4 years old.
**Think locals have such a limited perspective.
**Graduated from 12th grade and it's your 13th (or 18th) school .
**Your SSN, home of record, state of residence, and place of birth are far from matching.
**Know what a "click" means.
**Ever had an MP walking patrol go through your neighborhood.
**Know what an MP is.
**Cringed and thought about how much you hated MPs when I mentioned them.
**Have eaten an MRE.
**Know what an MRE is.


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