Friday, August 18, 2006

Birdbrain + Lennie = AJWP

So I misplaced my keys last night only to find them hanging on the key rack this morning (in a different place on the key rack, but still; also, I found them after I'd turned the house and car inside out looking for them). I thought I had an EENT appointment this evening, but it's actually on August 28. And I put the first piece of fabric for Hester's quilt in a "safe place," and it's so safe I can't find it at all. I think I'm overdue for a little sleep, don't you? This week hasn't been very restful!

But it has been nice in another way: Last night we received several more squares, scraps, and wishes for Hester's quilt, and they totally make me cry. Each piece is so unique, and each reflects its sender(s) so beautifully: S. and her family sent sage and cream fine-wale corduroy from her daughter's bedding (this is the fabric that's in the safe place, so it's not in the picture); S. sent a starfish/nautical fabric from her beachy home in RI; J&L couldn't decide on just one, so they gave us 3 different squares; L&K sent flowery summery pink and salmon fabric from their girls; and Petunia's brother's in-laws sent some colorful cat fabric in honor of their own kitties.

I admit that when I pulled them out to take this picture, I couldn't stop petting them. By the time Trista receives them, they're going to be threadbare. I put them in an old Godiva box I saved from Valentine's Day, and they make me so happy. Our friends and family are v. kind and so generous to us! I knew that the quilt would help Hester to feel loved and embraced by her/his community, but I didn't realize that it would do the same thing for Petunia and me. Trista is a genius!


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

That's so awesome. I'm all inspired now, I can't wait to get fabric to send for Hester Willa!

Sorry about your birdbrain though. I have those days too. Days where I walk to a part of the office six different times before I finally get there still remembering why. Yeah.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous trista said...

I am so glad to see that you are already getting the scraps and support from loved ones. This is the only "project" part of the adoption process ladies!! Love you! -Trista

11:05 AM  

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