Monday, March 27, 2006

Thirty before thirty

So, I'm just over a year away from the big 3-0. Wowza! To honor the end of my Saturn Return and close up my roarin' 20s, I thought I'd make a list of thirty things I want to do before I turn thirty. (FYI, Petunia posted her list of 40 by 40 on her own blog.) Here goes:

Clementine's Thirty Before Thirty

1. CleanSweep, baby! Go through clothes and determine what to keep and what to give away. Be brutal.
Done. CleanSweep done 9/15/06. Many smaller CleanSweeps done since then as well.

2. Go to East Heaven Hot Tubs at least once. Don't cheap out--get a rooftop tub.
Done. Went there 9/23/06. We paid for a half hour, but they let us stay for a full hour!

3. Go to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard.
Done. Went to Martha's Vineyard 8/12/06.

4. See a show at Tanglewood.
Done. Saw Bach/Handel concert 8/11/06.

5. Grow a cinderella pumpkin.
Done. Harvested pumpkin end of 9/06.

6. Join a book club.
Done. Started 3/06; currently defunct.

7. Buy a cooking thermometer and steam milk at home.
Done. Got thermometer 10/7/06. Used it all winter to make hot chocolate.

8. Write at least one letter to every friend in my address book.
Done. This is as done as it wants to be.

9. Walk or bike the Norwottuck Rail Trail.
Done. Walked trail 10/8/06.

10. Stay at that tacky hotel with the champagne hot tubs.
Done. Vacationed there end of 5/06.

11. Set up a weekly date night with Petunia. Stick to it this time.
Progress. We're doing pretty well with this, but I can't claim total victory.

12. Take a ballroom dance class with Petunia.
Complete failure. We didn't even walk past a ballroom dance studio.

13. Find a local church.
More failure. However, we reconnected with folks at our old church in metro Boston.

14. Start the adoption process, for real this time.
Done. Began MAPP class 7/11/06.

15. Buy nicer underwear.
Maybe I can sneak this in under the wire.

16. Spend more QT with Clary B.
Done. She's such a good dog!

17. Be more assertive, even if it's hard and it means being rude.
Done. I'm proud of myself for this one.

18. Submit a couple of articles to Connections.
Done. One article published 7/3/06, but the newsletter folded shortly thereafter.

19. Make at least 2 new friends in central MA.
Progress. I have one new friend. The whole "making friends" thing is proving to be v. difficult.

20. Find a good eye cream and use it.
Done. Been using eye cream since end of 4/06.

21. Work hard to replace John Fresolo with a pro-equal marriage state rep.
Done. Primary was 9/19/06. Update as of 9/25/06: He was reelected. Fucking bastard.

22. Keep up the good work with fruits/vegetables and water consumption.
Total failure.

23. Find the perfect match for my squirrel patch (see above).
Done--it's on my LL Bean tote bag.

24. Go to New York at least twice.
Progress. Went once 4/06.

25. Visit Orca in Galveston.
Done. Visited him 10/26-30/06.

26. Have monthly dates with JPP.
Progress. I love seeing her more often!

27. Figure out a plan for my pencil collection (don't ask).

28. Stick to my budget.

29. Finish sensory blanket for Hester Willa.
Done. I hate it, though.

30. Keep posting.


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

I'm fascinated by the squirrel patch... what is it???

2:43 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

Is this not the RADDEST patch in the world? I saw it in Bust a couple of years ago ( and Petunia gave it to me for Christmas. Initially, I wanted to put it on a sweatshirt (like my bowling patches--have you seen them?), but I can't find the perfect brown sweatshirt. Now I'm investigating all possibilities. Until I find something good, I'll keep it above my mirror in our bedroom so I can see it everyday. You gotta love a squirrel playing a snare drum! (Also, we got one for your special dad since he was a percussionist, too. Sweet!)

3:12 PM  
Blogger Hashbrown said...

Excellent list!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Psycho Kitty said...

We should have a blog book club. A virtual blog book club! And we can IM the discussions. I'm up for it.

And I still think you should come to Napa! Come on, you can be an Honorary Old Chick!

2:59 AM  
Blogger said...

I've a Forty by 40 list at

8:46 AM  

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