Friday, July 06, 2007

Road trip

Tonight we're off to the wilds of northern NY for the annual family reunion. I'm scared about all the traveling, but it has to be done. Without the baby and the dog, it's a 6-hour trip each way. With the baby and dog, I think we'll get to know the interstate quite well indeed.

I've packed like a maniac for this trip. Petunia, Clara, and I have our regular weekend bags, but things went all to hell when I started packing for Hester. We have the 2 strollers, the front carrier, the Maya wrap, and a big-ass tote bag of formula, cereal, and jarred fruits/veggies. We have a small wheelie bag with baby clothes for every weather possibility, plus extras in the event of barfing. We have yet another tote bag with diapers, wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, baby body wash, washcloths, and a towel. We have one final bag with as many toys and books as I could cram into it. On top of all that, we have a bag of food for inside the car and a small cooler for cheese/fruit/drinks. We also have diaper bags, Petunia's work bag, 4 gallons of water, and a small bag filled with onesies and embroidery floss so I can get my stitch on at Grandma's.

Sigh. I'm tired just thinking about all that packing.

It should be a good trip, though. Hester will meet her Great Grandma Hester, her great aunts and uncles, and many cousins (none of them first cousins, though). She'll go swimming in a real pool for the first time. She might put her feet in Lake Ontario, too. All in all, it should be fun.

If we can make it there in one piece, that is. Wish us luck.



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

I hope you have a fun trip! That packing is wicked crazy though. I'm not sure what the hell my parents did, traveling all the time with us as babies. Hm. I never thought about all the packing involved. What a pain!

Good luck!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Amelia's Mom said...

It IS amazing how much there is to pack, but you are such good moms making sure she will have anything she could possibly want or need and Hester will have a fabulous time! Have a great trip and we wish you lots of luck and happy memories of your travels!!!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Psycho Kitty said...

Hey sweeties, I got Petunia's text and am wishing you all well...tell the girls I say "Hi" and big kisses to everybody.

12:04 AM  

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