Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Let's hear it for:

--iced coffee
--air conditioners and the wonderful wives who install them (thanks again, Petunia!)
--water play with the kids
--sleepy babies
--feeling healthier
--vintage baby clothes (thanks again, Poor_Statue!)
--perfectly ripe red plums
--good mail
--a brand new baby boy--congratulations K&K!
--other babies on the way (congratulations to L&L and S&S)
--new glittery pink nail polish plus flamingo flip flops
--Grey's Anatomy from the Netflix (I'm hooked on this show 90210-style)
--meeting new friends at the zoo
--hearing great news from those same friends
--planning a get-together with old friends
--anticipating a night out with my 2 favorite people: they welcome babies!
--new library books

What's on your Hooray List today?



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