Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Field trip!

Have y'all been to Davis Farmland? It's my new favorite kids' place. I took Hester and Mr. Pea there today for work and all 3 of us loved it. Mr. Pea is 13 months old and Hester is 5 months, and there was lots to see and do for both of them and for me. There's the farm part, of course: Mr. Pea pet sheep, goats, snakes, a kitten, a lizard, and a 2-day old calf. However, there's also a zero-depth water park! Hester liked holding her hands in the spray and letting her whole body get misted while Mr. Pea liked trying to catch streams of water. The staff were friendly and helpful, the whole place was well-maintained, and they have clean, well-equipped family bathrooms. What more could a person want?



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Looks like Hester Willa loves animals! You'd better watch out or she's going to be taking in every stray. ;)

8:56 AM  

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