Friday, November 24, 2006

Today felt like three days rolled into one

Part 1 = Regular workday. Rose before dawn to clean, mop the floors, and prepare the house for small children. Breakfast, art, playground, Lego, lunch, etc. until...

Part 2 = Holiday workday. One child was left after 1pm, and he napped from 1:30-4:30pm. While he slept, I counted my blessings. Then I prepared our holiday card list and edited our gifts list. (It's all about the lists this time of year, baby.) And when my last kiddo went home early at 5pm, then it was time for...

Part 3 = Plain ol' holiday! Petunia and I ate the great leftovers L&Y brought us last night, then we strategized our shopping list. Since Petunia's still very much under the weather, I ran out for a few hours and did some holiday shopping. It was fun for me, plus we got to check off a bunch of gifts on our list. In fact, we only have 10 more gifts to purchase or make! I'm kinda proud of us for sticking to our "shopping throughout the year" plan. The best part of the evening happened when I stopped into Sbux to drop off an invitation for my friend K. (we used to work together at a different Sbux); she was actually there and gave me her markout--a free pound of coffee--plus 2 free drinks! Sweetness.



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