Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

I'm generally a Thanksgiving scrooge, but you know what? I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. Petunia and I had plans with L&L for T-Day at their house, but Petunia came down with a nasty cold. Instead of spreading our sick germs to the whole L&L family, we've moved on to Plan B: Thanksgiving here!

I should preface this next part by saying that Petunia and I have very different ideas about What Makes a Good Thanksgiving. On Petunia's list: tablecloths, candles, nice clothes, bone china, and this fancy French dressing she makes with potatoes, cloves, and TVP (in her family's recipe, it was beef). On my list: paper plates, jammies, takeout from Boston Market, and a slew of movies from the video store. Oh, and Pink Stuff, a top-secret family recipe made from the contents of 3 cans and one tub.

You see my point, yes?

This difference between us has been a point of contention in years past, though all that eased when we started going to Thanksgiving at other people's homes. You know I still grumble about having to get gussied up on a holiday, though. I'm a brat like that.

Because Petunia's ill, there's no question about it: This year's Thanksgiving will be Clementine Style. And while I'm very excited about getting to stay in my jammies all day, I can't claim cultural victory under such crappy circumstances. When Petunia walked in from the Price Chopper early this morning and handed me a box of Stove Top, I knew that mine was a very shallow victory indeed. But since Petunia won't tell me her French dressing recipe (probably because she knows I'd eff it up royally), I'll be doing the food prep and cleanup and entertainment planning for this year's T-Day. That's right, y'all! I figure that if nothing else, it should be a pretty good incentive for Petunia to feel well next Thanksgiving.

And so here you have it, from my house to yours, A Very Merry Clementine Thanksgiving:

The Menu
Stove Top chicken flavor (for me)
Chicken breast from Boston Market (also for me; Petunia's vegetarian)
Sweet potatoes (though not with marshmallows and brown sugar, as my cultural heritage might suggest)
Regular potatoes (for Petunia; I don't really like potatoes)
Cranberry sauce from a can (for Petunia)
Green beans from a can (also for Petunia)
Pink Stuff (top-secret W________ family recipe, for both of us)

(An aside: From this list, it should be clear to you that I don't come from Fancy, if you know what I mean. Hell, I still get cravings for the fried baloney sandwiches my mom used to make when I was little: Fried up Oscar Mayer coated with French's mustard and sandwiched between 2 slices of white bread--trashy, but delicious! Oh! and also why I sometimes get a hankering for potato chips with ketchup, or Little Debbie cakes, or those cheap Vlasic pickles, or....)

The Attire
Jammies, of course. You know it!

The Entertainment
NOT that damned football, but maybe the parade if Petunia feels like it (that's a generous nod to her family's tradition, in case you didn't catch it). Also, my next installment of 90210 has arrived along with Petunia's next installment of Dead Like Me. Maybe we'll also play Uno or Trivial Pursuit if she's up to it.

And that's it! Feel free to borrow my plans, if you like (Canada, I'm thinking of you here!). Of course, it's more My Name is Earl than Martha Stewart Living, but what the hell. Petunia and I will be together, in sickness or health, with French dressing or Stove Top, and that's what Thanksgiving's all about.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, y'all!

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Blogger Canada said...

Hey babe, Happy Tofurkey Day! We, of course, had ours in October. But I have devious Christmas plans. Just you wait and see.

Poor Petunia - it's because she shared a lot of her free Airborne with me (I have to see if I can get it here, that stuff rocks!!), and now she's sick. The guilt!! Give her a hug for me, will ya?
And enjoy 90210 - I plan on renting soon!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Dude, I totally have an identity crisis about T-giving. Growing up it was always a big deal, we'd have a big family thing at my Aunt's in NJ, we would dress up (this was great for a pretty pretty princess like me as a little girl!), etc.

Now I appreciate the ability to sleep in and wear my jammies all day if I want. We slept later than we wanted to today, but I then opted to live in my jammies and have a mostly Clementime-style holiday.

We didn't have turkey because it was just the 2 of us and that's too ridiculous, so we had pork chops, potatoes, corn, fresh bread, and of course, apple pie. We wanted salad but Whole Foods was closed (we thought it might be open) so no salad for us. We always get salad there because they have great mixed field greens and if you load up mostly on those it's cheap. :)

Hope you had a good day ladies!

2:21 AM  

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