Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's a kick to the stomach...

Melissa Murgo didn't win yesterday's primary. It would seem that voters in my district are perfectly happy to have the representation of a child abusing, wife abusing, homophobic fuckerface. Melissa came v. close, but she didn't go over the top. When I heard, I felt like puking. My stomach still hurts today. It'll hurt for the next two years.


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

He really is a fuckerface and I'm glad you brought that term back out, I had forgotten it and it delights me, particularly in your usage here.

So sorry ladies, that really f-ing sucks. At least there are people representing other districts who aren't total ass-faces like this jerk. When I wrote to my reps a while back about equal marriage they both got right back to me and thanked me for my feedback and said they were strong supporters, etc. So they will just represent for you too, since fuckerface certainly won't.

11:27 AM  

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