Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't piss in my eye and tell me it's raining*

I'm pissed off. I like my work and I'm proud of my program, but here's what makes me mad: Disrespect.

Yesterday a parent referred to me as "the sitter." I wish I'd known that earlier; I could've been giving his kids Kool-Aid and Chips Ahoy and plunking them down before the TV rather than planning rad art projects for them and making them homemade BBQ chicken. Here's a tip: Family child care providers aren't babysitters. We're child care professionals, not 12-year olds looking for pocket money.

Today a parent told me last-minute, "I have an appointment at noon, so I'll be here at 1pm." Since her child usually leaves at 12:30pm and the rest of the kids go down for their naps at 12:45-1pm, that put me out considerably. But whatever, I'm a pro; I worked naptime magic and got 3 kids settled into sleep while the 4th child read quietly with me until his mom arrived. Except his mom didn't arrive until 2:15pm. By then her child was crazy sleepy and I was going nuts trying to keep him from waking the other children. Here's a tip: Call your child care provider if you're running late.


Rounding out the list of things making me mad today:

--Meredith Vieira's debut on The Today Show. Couldn't they have given that job to someone who deserved it?
--It's only Wednesday. That sucks.
--Petunia and I got a mailing from John Fresolo, our asshat of a state rep.
--Sock monkeys are damned costly. I want one for Hester's room, but I don't want to pay $17 for it.
--My back hurt all day because I'm not used to carrying baby Pea.
--We were going to go back to the Vineyard this weekend, but now we're going to stay in town.
--I haven't made dinner and now I want to gnaw my arm off.
--Petunia's on a later train, and she's going to be hungry, too.

I'm sure there's more, but that's enough of the pity party for now.

* Title dedicated to JPP. Wanna have a date soon?


Blogger squasha said...

sorry to hear that your day was not so much fun!

but here's one thing to make you glad today:

(it's a tutorial on how to make sock monkeys that won't set you back seventeen bucks. one of my friends made one once, and when i googled sock monkey directions, a bunch of sites came up... you and your wife are some of the craftiest peeps i know... i bet you could make hester a way cool sock money!)

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Yeah, make your own sock monkey - awesome! I smell a new AJWP craft!

Also, yes, let's have a date soon. It needs to be of the cheap variety again if you don't mind. ;)

And sadly, only about 8% of my brain is working at this hour (yes, it's 2:25am) and I can't make it remember who said that. Is it a crazy person? Is it from a movie? Why can't I remember? I think it's like if I forgot the name of the house we lived in at school. It's that bad isn't it?


2:31 AM  
Blogger Clementine said...

Hey Squasha, thanks for the link! I can try to make a monkey myself, but my sewing skills stink. I want Hester to have a cute sock monkey, not an evil sock monkey. I'll see what I can do, though; if I attempt the project myself, I'll post the (probably frightening) results here.

And JPP, cheapo dates are fine with me! (You know that quite well by now...har har har.) We could go apple picking, relax at the DeCordova after hours, chill on the Esplanade, or visit our 3rd place again. Alternately, we could go to Burdicks in Harvard Sq.--not cheap, but we could have a hot chocolate for under $4/each. Anything sound good, lady?

PS--I don't know the allusion. You're not crazy. Well, then again....

PPS--I haven't forgotten our houses' names, but I can't name all of the houses anymore as I walk around campus. I'm fine with Green Street and Elm Street, but when I get to the middle of campus I'm all, "Chapin. Maybe Wesley? Is that Hopkins? Shit, I dunno."

PPS--That reminds me that we should think about having a Fall Celebration Day this year!

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

It might be something crazy like our crazy Sociology professor our junior year. I don't know. I'm associating it with her for some reason but I feel like it's on the tip of my tongue and I'm never going to remember. Hmmmmm.

Fall Celebration Day rocks, we should do it definitely. Let's think of what to do. As for the other date, let me think about it. Do you have a preference?

11:50 AM  
Blogger Clementine said...

It just hit me: You know who used to say that? Your INFP sister. I think she got it from a movie, probably one with Joe Pesci (sp?).

12:47 PM  
Blogger Hashbrown said...

What a freeking MF that parent is. Let me at 'um! I'll knock 'um down!!

We'll get the right sock monkey!

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Oh I totally have to ask her that. It's classic.

11:02 PM  

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