Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DIY weekend

Thanks to our efforts this past weekend, Pet and I are short on sleep but long on pride. We worked our asses off over the weekend and into the wee hours of this morning, but our house is looking better than ever. These are the things we did this weekend and last night:

1. repainted front door (still vivid pumpkin orange, for those who care)
2. painted stairwell--now it's light blue rather than gold
3. stripped wallpaper in upstairs hallways and closet; primed and painted those areas (light blue as well)
4. primed linen shelves
5. got rid of crazy old makeshift clothes rack
6. bought new closet shelving--only $20!
7. installed closet shelving: now our clothes don't drag on the floor! And we have a shelf for pants and sweaters! And there's still room for another shelf!
8. rearranged closet area
9. moved computer, desk, file cabinets, shredder, etc. from baby's room to new office nook
10. cleaned the hell out of everything
11. took dozens of items to the basement
12. set aside 2 trash bags of things for Savers
13. cleaned out baby's bureau

We still have more work to do, but I can't even tell you what an improvement this is. Our biggest accomplishment: There is no more wallpaper in our house--HURRAH! It took us a little over 2 years to banish the wallpaper, but we've finally done it. And now we have a closet shelf with a clothes rail, like real people do! So what if we don't actually have a closet to put it in; we'll hang a curtain or make a screen or something and all will be well. And now we have a special office nook, complete with 2 kitties snoozing on the desk. I'm loving the changes. This place looks better and better all the time.

I'd be lying if I said the homestudy doesn't have anything to do with this, by the way. I know our house is fine as it is, but it's nice to have a deadline for doing some of the things we've been putting off. Also, we don't want to be painting walls or moving heavy furniture once Hester comes home, so it feels good to be doing this stuff now. We're all nesty-like. Good times.

Tonight is our last MAPP class, and I'm glad it'll be over. With the MAPP class done, we'll just have the homestudy to go before we begin to wait for Hester! Eeeeee!


Blogger Hashbrown said...

Thanks for all your great work this weekend. The closet/office looks fantastic. And I love the blue!

5:30 AM  

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