Friday, August 25, 2006

Chipper and cheerful

I'm feeling much better after a little retail therapy at Savers, our local thrift store. I spent $11 and got a vase to replace one of Green Thumb's that I accidentally broke, 3 sweet little baby towels with those little hoods (awww!), and 10 great children's books. I had my eye on some really cute clothes, too, but I'm not buying those yet. The minute I find out Hester's size, I'll be hitting the Savers BIGTIME!

Also, guess who wore a sweatshirt indoors all afternoon? And who was actually a little chilly outside tonight? And who saw real fall leaves on her car this morning? And who has potted mums on her front steps, courtesy of Petunia? That's right--ME! Fall's almost here, baby! I'm getting my handknit scarves ready.


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

I know! Even with the rain we've been loving the cool weather. :)

10:18 AM  
Blogger Hashbrown said...

Love the lovely retail therapy!

5:30 AM  

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