Thursday, August 30, 2007

I mean business

I had another surprise inspection this morning from my licensor and I'm pleased to say that all is well. V. well, in fact! We were listening to salsa and playing in the indoor tunnel when he showed up, entirely unannounced. It was scary for me--unannounced visits make me anxious!--but I knew everything was fine. Now I'm to be licensed for another 3 years.

Despite all the work issues I've had since Hester came home, I'm proud of myself. Petunia and I took a big risk 4 years ago when we decided to buy a house, move west, and start my business. We planned like crazy and I worked my ass off, taking weekend jobs to allow myself time to get my program off the ground. As word of mouth spread, I found some (mostly) great families and get referrals for new ones all the time. Financially, my business allows us to claim ~1/3 of our mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc., which helps a lot. And now that Hester is here, she has all these friends who love her to bits and whom she absolutely adores.

This job is crazy hard in many respects: the consistency is a killer, I get sick constantly, and I have to keep the house wicked neat and clean. I have to remind myself daily (if not hourly) why I'm doing this. I usually think about Hester when things get difficult, but today's licensing visit reminds me that I can think of one other thing: This is my business, and I'm proud of it.



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Awesome, you rock!!!

Good job being such a total superstar! Those kids are all lucky to be w/you and to have the company of such a sweet baby as baby Hester.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Abigail said...

Congratulations Clementine. I know that is a real biggie- knowing that you have come to this level in your business after all that work is a huge deal. And I know you deserve this success. All that you do with those kids sounds just fabulous. They are really lucky.

You SHOULD be proud! :)

6:22 PM  

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