Monday, July 16, 2007

Random stuff

Here's what's fun: The drive-in. It allows new parents to see movies with their babies in tow. Ours fell asleep during the first few minutes of Harry Potter and let us watch the rest of the movie in peace. Awesome! (Good movie, too.)


We're part of this little brunch group for queer adoptive parents. Our latest get-together was Saturday. Here's what's really nice: Connecting with other folks in the same boat. Also, the kids are SO EFFING CUTE you just want to eat them up. Seriously, it's a problem.


Hester had her 6-month check-up today. Petunia took her and both of them got teary for Hester's shots. We'd been a little worried about Hester's weight, but her pediatrician was pleased: Hester's holding steady at the 10th percentile. She's small but mighty at 13 lbs. 11 oz.


Petunia and I are hoping to take a real vacation next year. If you have a suggestion for a cheap-ish family-friendly vacation destination, I'm all ears.


I broke down and ordered a used Ergo for our family, and it should be here early this week. I'm wicked excited about it! Hester's still tiny, but she's already putting a strain on our backs when she's in the front carrier or Maya wrap. Here's hoping the Ergo lives up to its reputation.

I think that's it for now. It's All Hester, All the Time these days. I'm quite enjoying it!



Blogger Nicki Mann said...

If you like camping, you might want to check out Every summer they have a big camping festival in Missouri. It is twenty bucks per person, and kids are free... or fifty bucks for as many people as you can cram in your car. Includes camping for the entire weekend from Thursday night to Sunday night, plus free food (you can also make your own of course, but the free food is there for the taking), plus live music the whole time, plus a wicked cool river that you can swim in, fish in, climb onto a fallen tree branch and jump in, float on a raft in, etc.
My kiddos and I made a vacation of it this year... we stayed in a hotel on the way down and on the way back up, and camped the whole time. The kids had a blast! ALways TONS of families with kids there and its really family friendly!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Round is Funny said...

Love the ergo. Love, love, love it in that can't-live-without-it way. Good choice.

Vacations: we have spent a couple of summer vacations in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Both kid-friendly, lots of outdoor stuff to do (beaches - warmer than you would think), and relatively inexpensive even before the exchange rate advantage. The drive is long, but worth it. If you're interested let me know - we can pass some stuff along to you.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

First of all, my friend at work commented to me just now how very very sweet all the pictures of Hester Willa in my cube are. And yes, I have about 7. See, you're not imagining it, she really is just sweetness and light!

I'll think of vacation ideas and get back to you. :)

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Well here's what I can say about cheapish family friendly vacations. You probably know this sort of but my whole life my family went on a vacation every summer. Here's how they were cheap: we drove, and we camped. Now, I mean camping where you pitch a tent and you have a campfire but you also have running water and hot showers a short walk away. My parents did this with all of us from the time we were babies. I think to make baby camping manageable you need a bathroom with running hot and cold water, and a good way to regularly dispose of trash in the campground somewhere. We usually alternated between the mountains (typically Colorado) one year and the beach (typically NC) the next. We brought a cooler and made our own meals so we didn't waste money eating out. For entertainment we hiked and went on scenic drives and played on the beach. When we got a little older my parents started doing timeshares (not that I'm suggesting this, I know nothing about it really but just FYI) and that meant in our "beach years" we'd stay at a condo with a kitchen and still make all our meals, so no crazy eating out.

That's the best suggestions I can give you - drive, save on food, and enjoy the great outdoors! Of course some of this applies to cities and stuff too.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Canada said...

Ummm . . . our guest suite and touring Ottawa and Gatineau sounds like a family-friendly plan to me . . .

I have sucked at blogging and keeping up with blogging. And realized that I missed your 30th birthday. I am SO, SO sorry, Clementine. If I send you more TimBits, will you maybe forgive me?

6:37 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

Welcome, Nicki!

OMG, RiF and Canada, I'd love to take Hester to Canada. Especially PEI, cuz y'all know I read WAAAAY too many Anne of Green Gables books as a kid. Unfortunately, fucking DOMA won't let us travel out of the States. Grrr.

JPP, I think your parents hit on something good with their road trips. That sounds wicked fun. It's something to think about when Hester gets older. Maybe Auntie Jenny wants to come with us sometime!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Hashbrown said...

Road trips are not as economical as they once were with the extreme gas prices.

7:54 AM  

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