Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Ergo, Part 2

So, more news about the Ergo:

1. It fits me a lot better around my hips than my waist. The extender isn't noticeable, either.

2. However, it is VERY hot to wear, both for Hester and for me. She complains when she's in it for more than a few minutes in this yucky weather. [She tolerates our regular front carrier just fine, though.]

2.5 The Ergo isn't nearly as ugly in real life as it looks online. We got the indigo with camel hood, and the colors are way brighter than I thought they'd be.

3. Because she's still so little, Hester can't see when she's in the Ergo. This is problematic for her because she's as nosy as her Mama.

4. The hip carry option is our current favorite because it lets Hester see and it's a little cooler for her. The hip carry is WAY comfy for me, too, much better than the sling or Maya wrap.

4.5 I'm still scared to wear her on my back in public because of The Chest Factor.

5. The final verdict: I think this is a product that will grow with us. Right now we can't use it in all the ways we'd like, but I think it'll become our BFF as time goes on.



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

I think you need to wear it out in public on your back BECAUSE OF the chest factor.

8:14 AM  

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