Friday, June 01, 2007

Thinking optimistically

In an attempt to jumpstart the weekend, I'm going to list some good things from this week. Here goes:

--My dad's 2nd cardiac cath went well.
--My mom's GI tests came back fine.*
--The aforementioned "bastard coated bastards" line.
--Pizza, salad, and ice cream with my little fam.
--Catching a few Zs with Hester as we waited for Petunia.
--Sleeping children.
--Nice weather.
--News of kids' upcoming vacations.
--New baby gym for Hester.
--More v. kind gifts for Hester, this time from L&J.
--Our new computer.
--Pride month.
--Baby swimming pool.
--Fresh squeezed orange juice.
--Sweet kitties and dogger.
--Skorts. (ha!)
--Gossiping with college friends.
--Flowers, plants, and a tree from Green Thumb.
--Memorial Day.
--Several packages on their way.
--Hester's smiles.
--Petunia's kindness.

*She still might have to swallow a teeny camera, though.



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Yeah, kick that bad week to the curb with an awesome weekend!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Shirky said...

she might GET to swallow a tiny camera, you mean!

it's a little bit cool, isn't it?

4:13 PM  

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