Monday, April 30, 2007

Feeling good

So, last night I fell asleep at 6:30pm. I woke up with a start at 9pm, but Petunia reassured me that it was okay for me to go back to bed. I set my alarm for 4am and promised to do any night feedings, then I passed out again. I got up at 4am and it was surprisingly peaceful; I was in a great mood and I got a ton of things done, including changing over the curtains from heavy velveteen winter drapes to airy cotton summer curtains. Good times, huh? Even better, Petunia and Hester are doing well today, too.

This promises to be a great week for me. My most aggressive 2-year old is out on vacation all week, so work is waaaay more calm than it's been in months. Also, it's a short work week for me because Orca and Beluga will be here on Thursday! I can't wait to see my brother and his GF, and I can't wait for them to meet Hester. Good times are ahead!



Blogger Abigail said...

I'm so glad things are feeling a bit better Clementine. Good family visits can make a big difference :)

Also, I'm always amazed at what a difference sleep makes. Glad you got some!

(Thanks for your comment(s) on my blog too :)

9:42 PM  

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