Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend update

Just as I was thinking so much about Ariana, it turns out she was thinking a lot about us. We heard from her via email on Saturday! Without going into detail, she and her family are safe and well in Western State. I'm so happy to be in touch with her again. Relieved, too.


I went to the moms group event on Saturday, but the playground was so swamped I couldn't actually find the folks I was supposed to meet. I was really disappointed! I'll try again on Friday, though--there's another event scheduled for that night. We'll see how it goes.


In honor of Earth Day, we got another compost bin. Our city sells them on the cheap, so our $70 compost bin was only $25! We've been using those gDiapers that J. first told me about eons ago, and we're planning to compost the pee ones along with our standard yard waste/kitchen scraps mix. Good times there, huh? I'm a wicked nerd to get so excited about composting peepee diapers.


It is SO BEAUTIFUL here right now. Our weather is gorgeous! The kids and I spent the entire morning outdoors, and Hester is wearing her first-ever sleeveless summer romper. Good lord, this baby is cute. Hester also spent the weekend outdoors with us; she mulched, cleaned out the toolshed, and grilled with her Mumzy. Yay for nice weather and the real start of spring!


I am so excited for all of our visitors next month. I can't wait to see my brother with his niece and my parents with their granddaughter, and I'm so excited to see our dear friends T&R.


That's all from here.



Anonymous j said...


Sounds like a busy, awesome weekend!! Well, except for the missing the people part, but that may reverse itself this week, so, yeah, awesome weekend.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous laura said...

so glad to read about these happy times. hurray for all of you.

6:23 PM  
Blogger mamaburger said...

So what do you think of those gdiapers? I'm interested but I'd like an impartial opinion.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Trista said...

Is it safe to compost them? I mean, I read somewhere that you can, but just worried about the thought of putting human fluid (even if it's only pee) in my vegetable garden. Because if so then I was thinking that I might switch...

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

I'm very sad you missed your moms group over the weekend... here's wishing you good luck for the next one!

Also, really cool that you heard from Ariana.

And... hooray for spring and for all your visitors next month!

2:08 PM  

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