Friday, April 20, 2007

The "I" in INFJ stands for Introvert

Tomorrow I'm going to screw up my courage and attend a local "new moms" event with Hester. I'm excited, but mostly I'm nervous. I'm not so fond of meeting people in big groups, but I'm also not so fond of feeling isolated. That means it's off to the playground for us! I know there will be a couple of moms with little babies, so it won't all be big strong toddlers plus tiny 3-month old Hester. The moms are older, too, and some of them even work full-time. At least on paper, it looks pretty good.

We'll see, though. If it's a nightmare, you'll hear about it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:11 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

How was it???

11:33 AM  

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