Friday, March 30, 2007

Newport conference

I'm missing my ladies today. Petunia and Hester are down in Newport, kiki-ing it up at Petunia's regional work conference. In fact, Petunia's probably showing Hester her first glimpse of ocean right now. No fair!

I, of course, am working today. I would've taken the day off as one of my 10 vacation days, but Petunia only decided to attend the conference a couple of weeks ago. By then it was too late to make arrangements with all my work families.

Petunia left for the conference in the 6am hour on Wednesday, so I had Hester by myself (with all the work kids) for 2 full work days. There were some very rough patches, but I did okay overall.

Last night after work I packed enormous quantities of baby stuff into an overnight bag and drove Hester down to Newport to spend today with her Mumzy.* When I got to the hotel I drew myself a bath and promptly fell asleep in the tub. Later, I woke up in a panic after hearing seagulls scream outside our window; I was all, "Where's the baby? Why is she crying outside?" Damned seagulls. Who knew they screamed at night?

This morning I woke up at [the now oddly familiar hour of] 4:30am to come home and clean, and my first thought was, "Wow--I can't believe I did this all the time when Hester was in the hospital." But I did, and this morning I was so grateful that I was leaving her in a hotel with her Mumzy rather than in the hospital with her nurses.

I am SO looking forward to tonight when I'll join Hester and Petunia at the hotel this evening for a little swimming and some TimBits (there's a Tim Horton in Rhode Island!). All of Petunia's friends are clamoring to babysit, so maybe we can get a drink at the hotel bar or, more daringly, have dinner together and eat simultaneously. Wowza!

*Yes, the drive does take 1 1/2 hours. And yes, Hester did cry for 2/3 of that time.



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Awesome! I'm voting for the simultaneous eating thing. There will be no shortage of volunteer sitters, I'm quite sure.

3:11 PM  

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