Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween recap

Well, we ran out of candy again. We bought 14 bags of candy for Halloween, and if Green Thumb hadn't rescued us in the 11th hour we would have been tricked for sure. Petunia's pumpkins were the hit of the neighborhood, though--everyone loved them!

During the trick-or-treating festivities, I realized I was mere hours away from another ear drum rupture. Petunia and I spent a half hour debating whether it was worth it to head to the ER, but then I wised up and called my P.A. dad for advice. He reminded me about my emergency stash of hardcore antibiotics, so I popped one and went straight to bed. A low fever and doggy illness kept me up half the night, and today I'm shaky and dazed and poppy-eared. But hell, at least the pain's mostly gone. It's days like today that I envy folks with real sick leave policies, cuz I'm in no shape to take care of 4 toddlers.

But hey, at least I had a hot shower this morning. Gotta love a fully functioning water heater, eh?

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