Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We're Material Grrrls

Petunia and I were talking about this last night: After so many months of the unpleasant side of preparing to expand our family through DSS adoption (the bureaucratic waiting, the invasion of privacy, the MAPP classes), we're thrilled to be doing pleasant, happy things for our growing family. This includes BUYING TONS OF SHIT for Hester Willa! Rest assured, it's not that we've gone temporarily retail-mad; it's that shopping is so much more fun than telling Ms. Stork about the worst moments of our respective childhoods. See what I mean? Perspective, baby.

And so we're preparing to feather our nest with all manner of cutie baby things. We registered for newborn items and items for toddlers, since we won't know whether Hester will be 2 years old or 2 months old. We test drove strollers, selected baby bottles, and picked out pacifiers with great deliberation. We debated about car seats, chose teeny washcloths, and even signed up for a few outfits, though we know we'll probably have to delete those from our registry because of size/season considerations. I'll tell you this, though: We haven't had that much fun at Target since we registered for our wedding five years ago. Suh-weet!

Also, we've been burning up Do you know this site? It's sort of a metaregistry that allows you to select things from different stores, so you don't have to start 10 different registries to get the things you want. Our favorite part is that it allows us to pick items from all sorts of stores, even little indie ones, so we're not limited to frickin' Babies R Us. (We hate that place.) Petunia put a ton of baby CDs on MyRegistry last night, and I've been busy adding smart-alecky onesies. That shit is good times, for real.

In the spirit of continuing this party, please let me know if you have any suggestions for baby or toddler must-haves. In particular, if you have a diaper bag that you love and couldn't live without, I'd v. much appreciate that information. Also, if you have any hints for fun, snarky onesies or baby t-shirts, please let me know. Thanks, y'all!


Anonymous lola said...

Crap, just wrote an entire email and it disappeared. Okay, LLBean or Land's End or both, have the best diaper bags and knapsacks. They have thought of EVERYTHING. I had a lot of different ones until i discovered theirs and they are the best.
As for your registry, you should register for take out gift cards and one time cleaning service or something. THose are gifts that i really appreciated:)

Okay, if you don't have a huge aversion to tv (everything in moderation), the Einstein series of DVD's are super. They are both engaging and educational and don't talk down to the child.

8:43 PM  
Blogger squasha said...

hehehe i LOVE the baby in the corner onesie... go mt. holyoke! sorry... that is mhc's one pop-culture claim to fame. had to give a shout out! anyway... i am so wicked excited for you two!!!

10:21 PM  
Blogger Canada said...

Two words: Diaper Genie! (okay, that's for disposables which, with twins, was the way to go for us)

Baby Einstein rocks (LOVED Baby Mozart)

Kickass cappucinno maker for your caffeine requirements if Hester Willa isn't a good sleeper (my Mom wouldn't let me register for this, but I still think it's a practical idea)

11:43 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

Thanks, guys! And Squasha: "Baby's going to Mt. Holyoke in the fall." Sweet!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Um, hi, and she's studying "Economics of Underdeveloped Countries". Is that a major at Mt. Holyoke? ;)


5:33 PM  

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