Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Random things

So I'm fresh out of pumpkin pictures, at least until I manage to bring the camera outside and take a few shots of our porch. It's Pumpkin City out there! Until I remember to do that, here's what's been on my mind:

--I went back to the otolaryngologist on Monday. Good news: My sinuses are normal! It seems like the crazy cellulitis was just a fluke.

--Also on Monday: My individual homestudy meeting happened. It went well, and our social worker is totally in our corner. Petunia has her individual meeting this afternoon (please think good thoughts!), and our final meeting will be on Monday, October 30. After that, we'll start to wait.

--I find it v. amusing that this guy broke into my house and stole my wardrobe. Seriously, I wore the same thing to work last week, orange Crocs included. That dude is so busted.

That's all.


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