Friday, October 20, 2006

Stroller issues

Because of my work, I have a veritable stable of strollers. They're the cheapest strollers I could find, and each time I bought one, I was all, "This'll do." With the QE2, I even bought secondhand. Right now, I can barely recollect that lackadaisical attitude.

Now that we're expecting our own kiddo, I'm going nuts over the stroller thing. I can't find one that pleases me. One model's handlebars are too low (Combi), another model is too wobbly (Maclaren), and a third contender folds with 2 hands (Peg Perego). I like the sound of one I've read about online (Silver Cross), but I can't find a place to test drive it. I've consulted Baby Bargains and checked out Consumer Reports, and I'm still not close to making my decision. (FYI: I'm doing the initial research, and then Petunia and I will choose the winning stroller together.) Complicating the whole thing is that we don't know the age/weight/ability of our child, so I'm not sure whether we'll need a cushier reclining model (for a tiny infant) or a bare-bones lightweight jobby. I'm leaning towards lightweight, but then watch us be matched with a preemie and I'll have to start the stroller research all over again. Grrr.

To add even more complications, I know we'll be using a combo of infant/toddler carriers for our Hester. I loves me some Baby Bjorn, and I have a sling I like to use for itty bitties and for hip-sitting toddlers. We also registered for a hip carrier I've been dying to try out, so you know our poor kid's not going to be too far from Mama or Mumzy. That said, I wonder how much we'd really need an infant stroller? In stores we'd be able to put an infant seat in the basket of the cart, and for walks I assume we'd just use the Bjorn or similar. We don't go to malls often, but I suppose that's where a stroller would come in handy, and also for strolling around Boston, New York, etc.

Hmmm. Any advice?


Blogger Canada said...

The one that I wanted was the Brio. Then I found out I was having twins, so I got something similar in a twin style by Simo (Brio wasn't doing twin strollers at that point, or they weren't available st the store - I can't remember). I'll look for a link for you, but it has heavy-duty rubber tires that are fixed, which makes getting around in snow and slush a lot easier. The chassis can turn around so baby can face you (when tiny) or look out (when they are bigger and want to look at the world). The seat reclines so it is more carriage-like when tiny, and can partly recline if the older child dozes off. Happy shopping!

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Lola said...

We had a BRIO (a suped up stroller on steroids)> We also loved Silver Close but it didn't have the longevity for all stages of the child. We bought a brio with huge wheels and a removable bassinet. All the stuff that Canada says -can turn it both ways etc and takes all kinds of terrain!

7:25 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

Those Brios are wicked nice! I checked them out online. The catch is that they appear to be a Canadian company, and no one in our neck of the woods carries them.

Petunia and I might have narrowed it down the other night, though. We're thinking we'll probably get a v. basic lightweight stroller, and then if we have an itty bitty, we can schlep her/him in an infant car seat stroller frame. Total cost: $250 or so for the real stroller and the stroller frame.

Of course, we might change our minds tomorrow. Sigh.

6:54 PM  

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