Friday, September 01, 2006

A sibling for Junior

I learned today that one of my child care kids is getting a new brother or sister! His parents started trying to conceive a couple of months ago, and they must have hit the jackpot right then. They moved into their first house last month, and now they'll be having their second child. They're living their dream, and I'm very happy for them (seriously, I'm not even a little envious).

EXCEPT...this means I'll be losing my first child care kid! He was my first child--he started as a drop-in baby at 3 months and went full-time at 12 months. He's been full-time with me for over a year. And now I'll have to say goodbye to him in January! I can hardly believe it. The other kids will miss him like crazy, too, since he's one of my 2 full-timers. He's a kind, smart, funny little guy who's turning into a real conversationalist. I'm going to miss him very much.


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