Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This is probably TMI. You've been warned.

Do you use Lunapads or Gladrags? Do you love them? I got my first Lunapad in the mail yesterday and now I'm psyched to get my period. I tried a Gladrag (on the right, looking pleasingly like a vulva) last cycle and I liked it a lot, but Lunapads are just so cute! I also tried the Diva Cup and The Keeper last cycle (ha ha, JPP), and I liked The Keeper better than the Diva Cup. Why the interest in washable products for my ladyparts? I figured that if I'm considering cloth for Hester Willa, I should consider it for myself too. And also, maybe it's time to start treating this ol' body of mine a little better. Know what I mean, Vern?


Blogger Canada said...

"now I'm psyched to get my period" Words that somehow seem wrong! (unless, of course, you're really hoping not to be pregnant!)

7:32 PM  

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