Friday, June 15, 2007

Random stuff

Second quarter taxes are due today. Blech.


My v. stylish and kind friends C&F sent us a little package from their newest venture, Bureau of Urban Living. They gave Hester the sweetest little embroidered pillow! I wish I lived in Detroit so I could visit them all the time.


Last night Petunia and I went to a card making class given by one of my work moms. We went out of obligation, but we made some really cool greeting cards. Who knew? Now I'm kind of obsessed with this transparent ink that lets you stamp watermark-looking things onto your papers. It's pretty cool stuff.


Hester's big on the stranger anxiety these days. She's been fussing at folks for a while now, but on Wednesday she full-on cried when Baby A.'s mom smiled at her. I wanted to take her aside and be like, "Look Hester, N.'s baby died when he was a month younger than you are now. Let the woman hold you, for crying out loud!" Not my most empathetic moment, I'll grant you.


For 3 years I've gotten away with calling the ice cream truck "the music truck" during work hours. (What? It's not exactly a lie!) However, I fear that my sweets-loving 2.5 year old little girl is going to blow my cover: "Why those kids have ice creams, Clementine? The music truck has ice creams?"

Sigh. If they ever discover the tastiness of Phil's homemade ice cream sandwiches, I'll have a mutiny on my hands.


We really need copies of Hester's photos for Bobby for Father's Day, but it just won't happen for us: Target let us down bigtime and CVS wouldn't recognize the files on the CD from our computer (though they transferred just fine to Petunia's computer at work...what gives?). We're sending Bobby the CD itself with a note that real photos will be coming soon, but this sucks--it's his first Father's Day with Hester and there's a screw up. I feel guilty about it, but Petunia and I have been trying to get those photos printed all week. At least Bobby will have a card, Hester's molded hand print, and a letter from us (we sent his package overnight today). It doesn't feel right without the pictures, though.


I'm looking forward to a great weekend! I have Portland Pride, a visit to Hester's old NICU, and a long-awaited Psychic Twin Birthday Blowout with my dear JPP. Good times are ahead. I hope they are for you, too.



Anonymous Jenny PP said...

Hooray for birthday blowout!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Amelia's Mom said...

Too late to be helpful for Father's Day, but you can also email your pictures to CVS (or Walgreens) by going to their website and uploading your picture. CVS has a minimum order, Walgreens doesn't. I like it because I can do it from home and then just pick them up rather than going to store, standing in line to use the machine and then waiting to pick up the printed order. (or having to make two trips, one to deal with the machine, one to pick up pictures from teenager who can't figure out how to run the register.)

8:48 PM  
Blogger frog said...

Please let me know if/when you visit your friends in Detroit--we're near there and would LOVE to hang out with you all. :)

12:35 PM  
Blogger frog said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:36 PM  

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