Monday, October 02, 2006

Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

Jenny PP and I went to the MIT glass lab event on Saturday. We managed to score a couple of beautiful pumpkins, but the place was a madhouse. Competition was crazy--I arrived over an hour before the event started, and there were 150 people in line ahead of me! This year's event was much pricier than last year's, too; the cheapest pumpkin I saw was $30 and the most expensive pumpkin was $850. How insane is that?

So I didn't get a chance to implement my evil plan because I was totally priced out. I couldn't bargain because I grabbed the cheapest pumpkins I could find. For me, it was a much calmer morning than I'd anticipated, which is probably good. People were being crazy greedy, though; JPP and I saw several people purchasing 10+ pumpkins at a time. Folks hoarded like crazy, too.

At any rate, here are our pumpkins. We got the orange one last year and the other two this year:

And here are the 2 photos I took at the event before my camera batteries died:

I hope that Jenny PP will post some of the photos she took--you won't want to miss the insanity.

Thanks for a fun date morning, Ms. JPP!


Anonymous Jenny PP said...

I will certainly post them! They should be up shortly, I'll let you know when they are. I'll also send you some of them if you'd like by email.

People were super crazy!!! You did awesome getting yours, I'm glad you didn't have to be too crazy.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Hashbrown said...

Hey Honey,
The pumpkins you got are fantastic. I love them.

8:52 PM  

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