Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today was an odd day.

We had our first snowstorm this winter and the city all but shut down.

Two of my kids stayed home because of the weather. Another left at noon and the last left at 4pm. I got out of work 2 hours early, a new record for me.

It's Valentine's Day, yet Petunia and I are spending the night apart: I'm staying home because of the terribly icy roads, but she took the train to the hospital to be with Hester. I'm really glad she can be there with our baby, but I miss both of them a lot.

However, I've been v. busy here at home. I framed some art, organized the kids' toys, did some tax stuff, sorted photos into albums, and cleaned off the desk. I'm feeling more at home than I have in weeks.

Now it's 8pm and I'm ready for bed. Not quite the Valentine's Day of my dreams, but a pretty good day nonetheless.


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