Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Holy mackerel. Petunia's work colleagues threw her a baby shower yesterday, and we couldn't fit all of their wonderful gifts into the [v. roomy] trunk of our car. Baby Hester is the lucky recipient of so many lovely things, including a handknit cardigan, a handmade photo album, a doll cradle, books, toys, teethers, spoons, diapers, a baby seat, and all the tiny pink clothes and blankets her little heart desires. There is So. Much. Pink. in our house, folks. It's really and truly unbelievable!

Also unbelievable: People's generosity to us. I feel like we just won the lottery or like it's Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one. We're so blessed and lucky to have Hester Willa in our lives, and now there's all this celebrating and well wishes and utter joy. It's really, truly unbelievable. I wasn't prepared for this outpouring of kindness from our friends and family. I knew they'd be happy, but I had no idea they'd show it like this.




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